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Yahoo US Big baby: Female Masai giraffe born at Los Angeles Zoo

A big baby has made its debut at Los Angeles Zoo. The zoo announced this week that a female Masai giraffe was born on Oct. 5, the fifth baby for the mother, Hasina, and the sixth for the father, Phillip. The parents were paired in a breeding program designed to save the threatened species.

Yahoo US First all-female spacewalking team makes history

As NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir successfully completed the job with wrenches, screwdrivers and power-grip tools, it marked the first time in a half-century of spacewalking that men weren't part of the action. America's first female spacewalker from 35 years ago, Kathy Sullivan

Yahoo US Atatiana Jefferson's death highlights a long history of police violence in Fort Worth, and the community says it's time for a 'reckoning'

Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean. Her death was the sixth fatal police shooting in the city since June.

Yahoo US A Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist has been ordered to pay $450,000 to a dad he accused of faking his son's death

The court's judgment and the hefty payout are the latest in a string of lawsuit victories for the families of mass shooting victims suing harassers.

Yahoo US Federal prosecutors just shut down the 'largest child porn marketplace' on the dark web containing more than 200,000 videos

Federal prosecutors have shut down the "largest dark web child porn marketplace" that hosted over 200,000 videos and $730,000 in transactions.